About Us

A love for all things you

Creating your special moment

We at TLC have always had a passion for bringing the beauty and joy to others. That is why we have come together to try to bring your event a one of a kind feel with out all of the hassle. 

Whether it’s a graduation, wedding, new baby, family reunion or other event you’d like to put together, we would love to be a part of it and let you enjoy the moment without the worry of planning it on your own,

How it Starts


You don’t want just anyone to plan that special day. Whether it is your wedding or a small family get together, we want you to feel as though its an old friend lending you a hand.

This is why we offer one on one consults, free of charge to see if we are the right fit for you. Whether you are near by or even out of state, we are happy to do an in-person, or video consult so you see the person you are truly working with.

Comfort and quality is what we want to bring you when planning what can be an important yet stressful day.

We have staff on both coasts and are slowly building our relations with others, such as venues, and other venders nation wide. 



If you do decide to work with us, we will bring you undivided attention. From the top down we pull up our sleeves and bootstraps and do the work ourselves – we don’t use assistants you’ve never met to do the work for us. We guarantee the work you see is ours.

We will help you pick exactly what you want. We do offer many packages but if you prefer a more personal one of a kind touch, we are ready to give it to you. Not only will we help you plan your event, but we also are able to create one of a kind pieces for your guests, your bridal party, or the newly expecting mother.

Because we know everyone wants their dream event, but might be slightly daunted by the task and cost, we try to make everything an easy decision without giving up that ideal picture in your Mind.